10.16.20194Min Read

Designing for Humans - A CDM Project

We were honoured to be a client for CDM students' big annual project. Find out more about their interactive installation and how it taught us a thing or two.


09.26.20195Min Read

This Is Shawn

Ever thought about the workflow of your favourite recording artist? We gave Shawn Mendes fans the opportunity to stop, take it in and experience his creative process.

09.04.20195Min Read

How Much Does Google Know About Me?

How much does Google really know about you? Our very own [Insert New Name Here] takes a deep dive into his own Google data (and you can too).

08.01.20198Min Read

The Many Faces of Pride

Facilitating human connections through the use of innovative tech is something we love to do. We were honoured to join forces with Netflix and Sid Lee to facilitate this at Toronto's Pride celebrations.

06.17.20197Min Read

Creating an Algorithmic Brand

In order to be successful in our industry (or any for that matter), we need to be open to constant growth and adaptation. Kelly Milligan explains how we refreshed our brand to better reflect where we are now.

12.20.20184Min Read

A Gift for the Holidays: Creating a Facebook AR Game

Just in time for the holidays, we turned the traditional card into an AR Facebook game. Help Santa find the toys he lost and save Christmas!

10.22.20183Min Read

6 Simple JS Math Functions You Can Use Everyday

Math and visual problems don't stand a chance against these JavaScript tips. Read more to learn how to simplify and organize complex systems in your everyday.

08.31.20182Min Read

The Meg Sighting: Facebook AR Effect

To give fans of The Meg a thrill, we created an AR Facebook effect that brought the shark to life. See how we were able to bring the frightening mega-shark to users' environments, wherever they were.

07.25.20183Min Read

The Problem With Mobile AR UI

Bringing AR UI to mobile comes with a host of curveballs. Dylan explains how to work around them to create a seamless experience.

06.29.20176Min Read

Calling All Autobots

Autobots, roll out! Read more about how we created an interactive website with a focus on everyone's favourite Transformer, Bumblebee.